Sterling Silver Earrings

Amethyst in Silver 279
Amethyst encased in freeform sterling silver hoop. $25.00
Black Pearl 279
Black Abalone Pearls dangling from sterling silver chain. $25.00
Blk and White Pearl 279
Black Stick Pearls dangle below a white freshwater pearl. $25.00
Blue Chal 279
Blue Chalcedony triangle hangs below blue rice pearls. $25.00
Copper Pearl 279
Copper Baroque Pearls dangling from sterling silver chain. $25.00
Dk Pink Pearl 279
Dark and Light Pink Freshwater Pearls dangling from sterling silver. $25.00
Fluorite Hoop 279
Light Fluorite Pear hangs below purple fluorite cluster. $25.00
Green Pearl 279
Green Baroque and Freshwater Pearls on sterling silver chain. $25.00
Smoky Qtz 279
Smoky Quartz Teardrop hangs below tan freshwater pearl cluster. $25.00
Turquoise 279
Turquoise Drop on double sterling silver chain. $20.00
White Pearl Crystal 279
White Freshwater Pearls and crystal on sterling silver chain. $25.00
Black While Pearls 279
Black and White Potato Pearls hang from sterling silver chain. $20.00